Elena Aitzkoa

Spain, 1984

Elena Aitzkoa (Apodaka, Araba, 1984)

Elena Aitzkoa’s work is rooted mainly in the processes of sculpture and poetry, occasionally branching into performance and video; she also makes use of drawing and painting. Her practice combines a formal approach to carving and writing, punctuated by moments of contact with a specific ambit or public. At such times, she adopts hybrid, invented techniques to maximise contact with the public.

The practice of sculpture has been central to her production in recent years, a process that leads to the production of a single body that encompasses a heterogeneity, and also attempts to bring about a sometimes uneasy coexistence of different bodies in a single space. Aitzkoa works directly with the physical world, with constant recourse to her immediate surroundings from which she draws materials and experiences. The practice itself posits trial and error as an experiential form or technique that takes account of its own constitution and possible meanings. Her interest lies in making and how things are made, and from this, in desire, the power of poetics, destiny.