Elena Aitzkoa

Apodaka, Araba, 1984

Performance in MUJER PRIMITIVA, PRAXIS (Museo Artium, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2013).

"Jardín sirena K", 2016. Mixed technique. 14,5x28x17 cm.

"Espuma-mamá", 2016. Mixed technique. 13,5x26x25 cm.

"Ranas-órganos-voz", 2015. Mixed technique. 7x20x18 cm.

"Azulejo- amigo",2016. Mixed technique. 8x12x13 cm.

“Amada” 2012. Mixed technique. 56x21x28 cm.

“Conejos”, 2016. Mixed technique. 50x60x35 cm.

"Regazo”, 2014. Mixed technique. 110x60x62 cm.

"Amapola”, 2013. Mixed technique. 48x50x120 cm.

“Acróbata” 2012. Mixed technique. 67x24x36 cm.

“Mundo” 2012. Mixed technique. 62x32x17 cm.

“Wislawa Szymorska” 2009. Mixed technique. 27x13x8 cm.

“Mamá o árbol caído” 2009. Mixed technique. 27x28x40 cm.

“Flor corazón” 2009. 25x32x27 cm, Tela.

“Mikel y yo” 2009. 24x5x10 cm. Palillos chinos y tela.

Elena Aitzkoa (Apodaka, Araba, 1984) is  sculptor and poet, but her practice includes painting, drawing, performance and film directing. Among her individual exhibitions stands out: CÉLULA, GORRIÓN, LAGO RUPESTRE (Gallery Carreras Múgica, Bilbao, 2016) and WOMAN PRIMITIVA, PRAXIS (Museo Ar- tium, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2013). The last collective exhibitions in which she has participated are: THE NAURTURAL COURSE OF THINGS (La Casa Encendida, 2016); OTZAN (Elba Benítez Gallery, 2016), GENERACIÓN 2015 (Sala Revolver, Lisboa and La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2015); SUTURAK, NEAR THE NEXT (San Telmo Museum, Donostia, 2015); THE CONTRACT (Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao, 2014), FIRST THOUGHT BEST (MuseoArtium, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2014). Her latest performance project is HEADSCARFS CLOSE TO THE GROUND (Oslo Pilot, Oslo 2016). She has also performed performances at centers such as: Half House (Barcelona), Azala (Araba), Bulegoa (Bilbao), Pyramid Atlantic (Sonic Circuits festival, Washington-DC) or The Super Coda (NYC) club. Her films have been screened at Cineteca Matadero (Madrid), Espacio Cruce (Madrid) and BilbaoArte. In 2013 she published her book “La Revolución de las Extremidades” on the label LALAVANDERA, founded together with the artist Raúl Domínguez for the edition of their works and related artists. Additionally, she collaborates in the organization of Club Le Larraskito (Bilbao), and the Zarata Fest. In 2015, she received the Gure Artea prize for creative activity and was one of the winners of the 2015 Caja Madrid Generation contest.