Xavier Arenós

Vila-real (Castelló), 1968

Casa común, 2010, Madera 231x287x387 cm.

Columna Bloc, 2012 Madera, cemento 245x31x31 cm.

Estratos (1936-39), 2014

Suceso y gradación (mayo 1937), 2014

Cuadrado negro craquelado sobre bandera roja desteñida, 2014

Fragmentación dinámica del búnker de Antonov-Ovseenko, 2014

Casa común. Collage, 2014

Madriguera #10. Proun. Desenterramiento, 2013

Madriguera #9. Proun, 2012

Build modern furniture. Anti Modulor #2. 2015

El viejo topo I. Ruedo Ibérico, 2012

"Tensegridad roja y blanca", 2016. Wood, iron and cable, 412x21x25 cm. each beam

Promenade (et promess), 2016. Photographic diptych, 44x66 cm. c.u.

Draw a five-pointed star, 2016. Bench: wood, bolts, 47x500x500 cm.

Draw a five-pointed star, 2016. Photographic composition: Photography: 30x23cm. Photography: 78x117cm. 14 photographs: 39x26 cm. c.u.

Base for three flags, 2016. Wood, cement. 80x60x370 cm.

Weft and warp, 2016. 24 racks, graphite, paper and wood. 47.5x56cm. c.u.

Red and black stripe, 2016. Single-channel video, 19 '15' '. Tempera paint, variable measures.

Arc voltaic, 2016. Photography, 38x28.5 cm. Desk: iron, 80x83x82.5 cm.

Xavier Arenós (Vila-real en 1968). graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Valencia in 1992 and lives and work in Mataró (Barcelona) since 2002. He has received various awards and scholarships, including the scholarship from the CAM Visual Arts Collection, Alicante in 2008-2009.

By one hand, his artwork tries to analise the link between space, ideology and Power; by other hand, it explores the idea of Uthopia as alternative story to the pre-stablish and predominance discourse. In order to get that, he makes architectonical constructions, models, videos, photographs and drawings which have as references Modern architecture, Soviet Constructivism or the bricolage practices.

Recent solo exhibitions are Awaiting at Galería Valle Ortí, Valencia; Archivo Espartaco-Los Colectivizadores, Rodalies 2, Espai d’Arts; Roca Umbert-Fàbrica de les Arts, Granollers (Barcelona), all 2008.

Over the last two years Arenos work has been on view in the following groups shows: After architecture, Ars Santa Mónica, Barcelona; Post-it City. Tri Postal, Lille (Francia)/ Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago de Chile/ Centro Cultural, Sao Paulo (Brasil); L’esthétique des frontières, Bonlieu Scène National, Annecy; ARCO madrid con Galería Valle Ortí; Port City Safari, Amazelab, Milán; No Place-Like Home: Perpectives on Migration in Europe, Argos, Brussels; Post-it City. Ciutats ocasionals, CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), Barcelona, in 2008.