Fri 2 March - Fri 27 April, 2018

Honey under your tongue and milk on your lips. Let me know what the name of your nation is -What is your name? In your eyes I recognize just the feeling of love.  

The water run out of my hands and I can’t touch you.  

I collected severals glasses for the celebration. Embrace me with the fabrics of your body. 

-Please, one more time before you dissapear in other bodies. Tell me the name of your land. Because I lost the direction of the Tropics. The line that divide us is beautiful drawing between the master and me.

-Please, one more time before you dissapear in the jungle. À travers des heurts irrémissibles ouvre ton corps à mes doits désiderants. Give me the honey of your tongue.

(The book of quotes, J.C.)


Aggtelek, Keren Cytter, Julie Favreau, Alex Francés y Sulaïman Majali

Curator: Johanna Caplliure

Keren Cytter, "Terrorist of Love"

Sulaïman Majali, "-did you tell them? [pause] --did i tell them what?--you told them this was fiction?"

Alex Francés, "Pliegues de manto II"

Aggtelek, Travel Notes Serie

Alex Francés, "Pliegues de manto I"