Pascual Arnal

Totes les possibilitats absolutament necessàries

Fri 22 November, 2013 - Fri 10 January, 2014

Totes les possibilitats absolutament necessàries


This title couples three notions that have no place in postmodernism—totality,
absoluteness, necessity—with the idea of possibility, one of its defining
The juxtaposition evokes a desire to shun labels and predefined
mindsets in order to engage with a personal and non-transferable world, a
common and shared universe inasmuch as it presupposes and divulges that
what identifies us as persons and allows us to recognise each other as unique
is originality.
It is in this sense that we can affirm that what individualises
us irreducibly is also what unites us and makes our exchange of gazes
recognisable and reciprocal.

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