Moisés Mañas

Elda (Alicante), 1973

"Around. A systematic ensemble 4#", Kinetic-light installation controlled by real-time data (online)- Entertainment structure serie.

Moisés Mañas, "Structure 3" electro-mechanical sound sculpture controlled by computer. 2017 -Entertainment structure serie

Moisés Mañas.. Structure 4#. Interactive audiovisual installation. Sound Videogame. 2017 - Entertainment structure serie

Moisés Mañas, "Structure 1" Sound sculpture controlled by computer. 2017 - Entertainment structure serie

Moisés Mañas,"Wind (World In Data Now) ", 2007. in ZKM, Interactive installation

Moisés Mañas,"Around. A semantic Game", 2012. Interactive installation

Moisés Mañas,"Around. A word of network ", 2013. Interactive installation, Rosa santos

Moisés Mañas,"Stock ", 2009. Interactive installation stockmarket data in Real Time, in Rosa Santos

Moisés Mañas, "The Band", 2007. Interactive installation stockmarket data in Real Time, Bienal de Valencia

Moisés Mañas, "Congratualtion we lost the image", 2004. Interactive installation. Rosa Santos

"", Net art, 1999

"Structure 2 #. Interaction". Porcelain Ceramic. 2017 -Entertainment structure serie

"Structure 2 #. Multiple Interaction". Porcelain Ceramic. 2017- Entertainment structure serie

Moises Mañas (short bio)
He has a PhD in Visual Arts and Intermedia from UPV (Polytechinc University of Valencia) and a University Expert degree in Intranets and Internet Programming from the Dept of Information Science and Computing Systems at UPV. Since 2000 he is a member of “Laboratorio de Luz” research group at the same university.

After obtaining his degree Mañas received scholarships to study electronic art at Southampton Solent University, RU (1995-6), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, EE.UU. (1998-99), and at Ars Electronica Center (AEC) 2002, Linz-Austria. He also received a FPI-UPV grant in 1999-2001 and the Alfons Roig scholarship from Diputación Valencia in 2009.

Mañas has had several solo show, namely “Congratulations we lost the image” in 2004, “WIN-D. World In Data Now” in 2007, “AROUND, a word of network” in 2012 at Galería Rosa Santos in Valencia and at MUA (University of Alicante).

Besides, his work was selected for many group exhibitions, including, “Festival Digital Image”-Espacio ENTER (Canary Island, 09); “El discreto encanto de la tecnología”, Neue Galerie, Graz (Austria, 09); MEIAC_Badajoz 2008; ZKM, Germany, 08-09; “Valencia Biennial” 2007; “File 04” (Sao Paulo, Brasil); “Mediterranea 2000 & 04 (Athens); “Front”, Edgard Neville, Alfafar 2003; “Lenguajes Híbridos”-2003, Gandía; “Entre les yeux et ce qu`íls voient”, Lieges, 2001; “Pasos de cebra”, Injuve, Madrid, 2001; “Inmedia” 2000, Michigan; “Observatori” 2000, “Intertecno” 2000, Valencia; “Vértigos: Artes visuales”. Madrid-2000; “Festival de Creación Audiovisual de Navarra” 98/99/00; “Arte CD-ROM Españoles” (Costa Rica, Santo Domingo, Argentina, Colombia); Reina Sofía 1999/00; “II Muestra Internacional de arte en CDROM”, MECAD, Sabadell-Barcelona 2000; “Arte Joven” Injuve 2000 (Uruguay, Argentina, Perú); “Ciber@rt” 1999; “Robotic Art: Interactive Installations & Robots, Pittsburg, USA, 1999; and “Analogic Bytes”, Southampton, UK in 1997.