Moisés Mañas

Elda, 1973

Moisés Mañas, 'Latencia' (2018). Audiovisual electronic assembly controlled by optical particle sensor and voltage sensor.

Moises Mañas He has a PhD in Visual Arts and Intermedia from UPV (Polytechinc University of Valencia) and a University Expert degree in Intranets and Internet Programming from the Dept of Information Science and Computing Systems at UPV. Since 2000 he is a member of “Laboratorio de Luz” research group at the same university. After […]

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Moisés Mañas, 'Structure 2#. Acumulación' (2017). Ceramic
Moisés Mañas, 'Structure 1#' (2017). Sound sculpture
Detail: Moisés Mañas, 'Structure 1#' (2017)
Moisés Mañas, 'Structure 4#' (2017). Installation - videogame