Jacopo Miliani

Florence, 1979

Jacopo Miliani, 'Deserto' (2019). Still from video. 6'9''

Jacopo Miliani (Florence, 1979) The work of Jacopo Miliani is based on an interdisciplinary research involving different practices such as installation, performance, collage, photography; within a methodology that produce works whose comprehension is suspended on different levels of interpretation. Solo exhibitions include: Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon (2016), Nogueras Blanchard, Barcelona (2016), ICA studio, London (2015), GAM, […]

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Jacopo Miliani, 'TEOREMATEOREMATEOREMA' (2019). Still from video. 8'33''
Jacopo Miliani, 'Oomh' (2018). Neon. 50 x 15 cm
Jacopo Miliani, 'Hand Performance' (2018). Still from video (2018), 3'18''.
Jacopo Miliani, 'The Devil Night' (2018). Print on paper. 25 x 33 cm