Art Brussels

25 - 28 April 2024


Marina Glez. Guerreiro (A Guarda, Spain, 1992)

Elena Aitzkoa (Apodaka, Spain, 1984)

Andrea Canepa (Lima, Perú, 1980)

Jacopo Miliani (Florence, Italy, 1979)

Rosa Santos’ proposal for this edition of Art Brussels is a special booth with works by the artists Marina González Guerreiro, Elena Aitzkoa, Andrea Canepa and Jacopo Miliani. With this proposal we would like to emphasise on the importance of these artists, due to their rethinking of the codes of the establishment in a conceptual and political perspective.

The artists share as well an interest on the subject of memory and the subjective character of time and cultural history, both important to analyze from the position of contemporary art at the present time.

Marina González Guerreiro. With an installation approach to different media such as sculpture, video, photography or painting, she revisits the iconographic imaginary around the idea of happiness, paying special attention to phenomena related to stress management and the construction of an idealized nature.

Elena Aitzkoa’s work is rooted mainly in the processes of sculture and poetry, occasionally branching into performance and video; she also makes use of drawing and painting. Her practice combines a formal approach to carving and writing, punctuated by moments of contact with a specific ambit or public. At such times, she adopts hybrid, invited techniques to maximise contact with the public.

The Peruvian visual artist Andrea Canepa has always been interested in the way we organize the world as an attempt to control that which escapes the limits of our understanding.

Jacopo Miliani is an Italian artist based in Milan. His work focuses on how the viewer/spectator elaborates images and the creation of different forms of language in response to them.

Marina González Guerreiro. "Balcón I", 2023
Marina González Guerreiro. "Balcón I", 2023
Elena Aitzkoa, 2022
Elena Aitzkoa, 2022
2021-11-26 Fotos Expo Andrea Canepa_SQ_10
Andrea Canepa. "La rebelión de los artefactos", 2021
Andrea Canepa. "Objeto moche (soga) y Bakezori", 2021
Jacopo Miliani_Rosa Santos
Jacopo Miliani, 2023
1_Jacopo Miliani_Rosa Santos
Jacopo Miliani. "Mira Mira", 2023