Andrea Canepa

Lima (Peru), 1980

Andrea Canepa, 'Deactivated Play' (2019). Installation view at Jan Van Eyck Academie Open Studios, Maastricht. Photo: Romy Finke

Her practice investigates various types of organization or logical orders of our daily life or complex conceptual systems. Thus, it manifests the values and ideologies behind these structural criteria. Among others, she has worked with issues related to the representation of spaces, formal education and our understanding of time. She studied Fine Arts at the […]

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Andrea Canepa, 'Deactivated Play II' (2020). Wood, foam, felt and metal. 360 x 360 x 160 cm. ARCO 2020 - Solo project
Installation view: MERZBAU-GARTEN 'Module I' (2019). KINDERHOOK & CARACAS Berlin, Germany
Andrea Canepa, 'Detour Structure' (2019). Painted plywood. 25m x 2.4m. 'GET LOST: Playstation Sloterdijk', Amsterdam
Andrea Canepa, 'Oro alla Patria' (2019). Metal sculptures made in part from melted metal household objects, video, graphic documentation and publication. Variable dimentions
Andrea Canepa, 'The Tale of the Mass, the Grid & the Mesh' (2020). Digital video. 25min (Still from video)
Andrea Canepa, 'Until it lives in the muscle' (2017), Installation / Performance.