Jacopo Miliani

Wearing my tongue

Sat 1 December, 2018 - Fri 8 February, 2019


Wearing my tongue is a performative project where language and the use of it are protagonists. Produced by Jacopo Miliani and curated by Johanna Caplliure, the exhibition proposal originates in the story about how one of the most popular garment and incarnation of everlasting youth: jeans, has been transformed throughout the history of its uses.

The multiple images rescued by Jacopo Miliani (Florence, 1979) for this project reveal how denim has been a place to conjure the stories of thousands of individuals of different generations, but also the non-official history of certain communities. Through photocollage, sculptural installations and a performance, which will take place on the opening day, the Italian artist focuses on the use of said garment. The exhibition brings out a personal perspective on the history of feminist and queer movements, as well as some other identity politics manifestations opened during the 70’s, which maintain their values in present times. 

Curated by Johanna Caplliure