Xisco Mensua

Barcelona, 1960

Xisco Mensua, 'Carta de colores' (2017). Oil on linen. 24 x 33 cm (ea.) x 108

Xisco Mensua (Barcelona, 1960) The artwork by Xisco Mensua uses the concepts of Time and History as places where to voice a group of complex concepts linked. Poetry, Philosophy, Mass Media, Education and Childhood, between others issues, are recurring references in his drawnings, mostly series made of several pieces put together, paintings and collages.

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Detail: Xisco Mensua, 'Carta de colores' (2017)
Xisco Mensua, 'A qué tanta manía pedagógica' (2018). Oil on canvas. 130 x 192 cm
Xisco Mensua, 'Song' (2013). Ink on paper. 56 x 76 cm.
Xisco Mensua, Xisco Mensua, 'Secuencia' (1993-2013). Oil on canvas. 143 x 193 cm