Chema López

Albacete, 1969

Chema López, "Transición:¿por qué las mata? Te lo diré luego".2016. White acrylic paint on black canvas. 165 x 250 cm.

Chema López. "Escena del crimen: dibujo firmado al óleo". 2016. 45 x 63 cm.

Chema López, "La ilusión y el miedo".2016. 70 x 100cm

Chema López "Evidencia: ¿Qué es la imagen? Un abrir y cerrar de ojos". 2016. White acrylic paint on black canvas, 100 x 217 cm.

Chema López "Blanco nocturno". 2016. White acrylic paint on black canvas, 90 x 130 cm.

Chema López "Crime & desing". 2016. White acrylic paint on black canvas, 95,5 x 208 cm.

Chema López "Otra vuelta de tuerca", 2016. 150x 150 cm.

The artwork by Chema López (Albacete, Spain, 1969) reflects on the big issues from Modernity as well as their ethical basis, certifying the profound crisis where their are involved nowadays. This is the starting point from where the artist builds up his visual and conceptual point of view. The final aspect of his artworks does not try to restitute those values, but fill in their decease’s certificate. Therefore, his art work avoid the idea of the artist as a guru and depicts  homages made from fragmentation and the underneath of mainstream ideas.