Juanli Carrión

Yecla, Murcia, 1982

"PhY", still from the video, 13' 32''. Comisariado por Blanca de la Torre.

View of the show "Memelismos" (2019), Centro-Centro, Madrid.

"La Edad de Indio" (2017), installation, MUSAC.

"Beauty- Politic 1.2" (2016), mixed media, 104 x 78 x 74 cm.

"Ogon-seki" (2010), photography, 150 x 100 cm.

"Giorgos Solanaceae" (2015), color pencils on paper, 87 x 67 cm.

"Mem Myrtaceae" (2015), color pencils on paper, 87 x 67 cm.

Juanli Carrión (Spain, 1982)

Utilizing site-specific interventions, photography, video, installation, sculpture and drawing, my artistic practice arises through an interest in how mankind deals with its surrounding landscapes, and the sociopolitical relationships that these landscapes develop with existing human operating systems. My work concerns the nature of human behavior, collectively and as individuals, and speaks to the limits of human existence by questioning the strategies used to represent reality and reconstruct human identity. Every project works as a research of the natural, social and political landscapes of the place where the project is conceived, producing—through the interplay of these landscapes—a series of results that speak of concrete ideas latent in the workplace.